Healing Crystals: A Gift From Mother Earth 

Using crystals to support our daily lives

By Charlotte Stow, Reflexologist at The House of Palms


I’ve been drawn to crystals since I was young, so when the opportunity to reconnect with them presented itself in India I jumped at the chance. I was taught the ways of crystal healing by Shalma Clan in Varkala, as they had descended down from the Himalayas to embark on “Parampara” through their crystal stall. Parampara means ‘to pass on teachings’ – a succession of teachers and disciples teaches students who then become teachers and so on. For me, this was a perfect opportunity to truly understand how these wonderful stones can support our daily lives.

Gifts from Mother Earth

According to Vedas (large body of text, originating from Ancient India composed in Vedic Sanskrit – some of the oldest scriptures in Hinduism), there are seven mother goddesses and sacred mothers. They include:

1. Atma-mata - real mother (from womb)

2. Guru patni - wife (of teacher or spiritual leader)

3. Brahmani - wife of a brahamana

4. Raja-patnika - wife of the king

5. Dhenu - cow (mother milk)

6. Dhatri - nurse

7. Tatha prithvi - the earth (Mother Earth)

The seventh is Mother Earth – and the crystals are her gifts to us. This is the foundation of the premise of crystal healing.

Crystals are formed from the earth over millions of years from minerals, dust and sand.

They vary in colour, chemical structure and geometric shapes.


What are crystals?

Crystals are millions of years old, forged during the earliest parts of earth’s formation. They are the most orderly structure that exists in nature, meaning they have the lowest amount of entropy (uncertainty or randomness - a measurement for disorder). Because the crystal lattice is so balanced and orderly, the energy it emits is consistent, and when dissonant (jarring or harsh) energy is inputted, it is balanced and transformed into a harmonic energy.

Crystals are structured in such a way that they respond to the inputs of all different energies around them, leading them to oscillate and emit specific vibratory frequencies.

It is fair to say that crystals also have this due to their energy, frequency and vibration. Which has been scientifically proven and used in modern engineering, watches, etc. for this reason.

In fact, according to Nikola Tesla – a respected electrical engineer who created the Tesla coil which was used in early radio technology, said:

“In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being” – Nikola Tesla

My Favourite Crystals

The energy omitted from crystals can support our healing practices. As part of the reflexology treatments, crystals are always present - as a supporting aid. Every crystal has its own power. Here are a few of my favourites:


Key attributes: Great stone to have in repertoire of crystals, due to its wide-ranging healing properties. Sometimes viewed as Chakra 1 stone, due to its extraordinary anchoring traits. It invigorates the body and mind, helping to provide clarity and can help sharpen the mind. It can help those with their ‘heads in the clouds’, come back down to Earth as it’s full of vitality. A wonderful protector from negative energies.

Emotional needs – times for optimum use: Fertility and reproductive health, increases fertility, blocked creativity, calms anger and fits of rage, protects from negative energy.

Optimal uses: talisman, pendants (wearable jewellery).


Key attributes: A balancing stone that has a beautiful calming energy around it, helping to self-soothe in times of need. Unakite will help overcome self-esteem or confidence issues, by helping you love yourself. Through this vison, it can facilitate rebirthing from old to new. A transformational aid.

Emotional needs – times for optimum use: Past issues that need to be addressed, energetic blockages that inhibit personal growth, transformational work.

Optimal uses: meditation, third-eye placement for increased vision.


Key attributes: An enlightening all-rounder, ideal for transformational work that draw upon the divine powers. Amethyst can help heighten psychic powers, so that we can learn from its teachings through clarity and strong vision. This stone has a wide energy field and will strengthen connections with the divine. It can help to restore and recharge people who are ‘on the path…’.

Emotional needs – times for optimum use: Those in need of rest, soul-seeking, insomniacs, ‘higher self’ goals.

Optimal uses: Putting under pillow (for getting into deep-sleep or relinquishing nightmares)


Hematite helps you to face challenges head-on as it has a shield of reflection around it, mirroring back negative energies as they are faced. It is weighty, heavy and incredibly grounding. Because of this, it will bring you into the ‘now’, connected to Mother Earth. It is a strong and determined stone.

We will be launching our new treatment ‘Deep Healing Crystal Reflexology infused with Reiki’ in late April, which will use these wonderful gifts from Mother Earth as part of the session. Stay tuned for more details.