Ways To Reconnect With The Earth's Power

Lay Your Roots In The Ley Lines

Joshua Tree, USA

Joshua Tree, USA

By Charlotte Vida Stow, Reflexologist at The House of Palms

As a reflexologist I'm always looking at ways to improve my practice. In my opinion, to be a good healer means you need to be 'one who is healed'. To be strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. This isn't an on/off switch either, it's a perpetual merry-go-round that doesn't stop. The only difference is, you can slow it down or speed it up: you have control.

As we start to move through Yin, out of the winter and hurtle towards the Spring, I'm thinking about the ways I can continue to reconnect with the earth in order to feel grounded and more 'at one' with my physical body. I've spent the last few years focusing on this aspect of my personal practice; as I grow like a tree with its expansive branches, it's important that my roots stay strong to ground me. Simply having a level of awareness can be the first step in recognising that you perhaps need to look inward to move forward. This doesn't need to manifest itself in sadness, it's more of an exploratory feeling that allows you to create more headspace through heightened perspective.

I find that meditation is a good place to start. Obviously this sort of practice can be done anywhere, for any length of time. Some use apps to aid their concentration, some need solace and others just thrive off the sounds of the world going by.

Personally, I like to get myself into a deep-state by connecting with the divine white light that surrounds us above, through to the vibrant red energy from below. It is the latter that I've primarily focused on this winter. From hosting our Winter Solstice Retreat at 42 Acres in Shoreditch, to enjoying the tasty Reishi Mushroom Tea introduced to me by Fiongal from The Wellness Foundry, my intention has been to reconnect with the earth.

Job done? Not quite. As I said before it's an ongoing journey which needs to be nurtured. So in this period of reflection, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite spots with strong energy, due to the ley lines that run through it. These spots are perfect for supporting your practice and will bring comfort in your time of reflection. No matter what time of year it is, seek out a spot that works for you.

Here are a few of mine you may enjoy:

Watching the dancing midnight shadows at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor

A lot of people how hear the word ‘Glastonbury’ immediately think of the Festival. The Festival is brilliant and there is of course the Stone Circle within the Worthy Farm site, which is great for some festival respite away from the crowds.

Glastonbury Festival Stone Circle

Glastonbury Festival Stone Circle

Glastonbury Town is incredibly special and worth an independent visit to really understand its vibe. The energy there is strong. We camped on the ley lines (the earth’s energy lines - lines of power) at the foot of the Tor on a new campsite and by night, as you looked up, you could see shadows of what looked like armies of people walking up the hill to the sacred spot. A faint moving shadow cast over the hillside with light cutting through it. I can’t explain it, but it was definitely quite surreal. The Tor is said to be the Isle of Avalon, a spiritual site once surrounded by water and burial ground of King Arthur whereby the dead would meet and cross-over (I only discovered this as part of my visit), which made me wonder if we all really did see what we thought. It’s not out of the realms of possibility for sure - and it’s amazing what you see when you actually take the time to look. I have since Googled this to see if it’s ‘a thing’. Turns out it is with commentary about how “the terraced pathway still seems active”:

"Many times the Tower is reported to have been seen rimmed in light; a warm glow, as of a furnace, beats up from the ground on wild winter nights, and the sound of chanting is heard from the depths of the hill. Towering forms of shadow and light are seen moving on the lower slopes." Read the full article by Atasha McMillan


To get to the Tor itself, the climb isn’t that difficult and the view is spectacular. I took some of my healing crystals to the top with me and set them on the earth to charge and meditate on, to really take-in the surrounding beauty. The crystals support me in my practice, so it was a no-brainer to take them with me to such a place. For anyone looking for a day trip, I would highly recommend this one for the bucket list.

Being part of Avebury’s megalithic complex

My first trip to Avebury was in 2013 as I started to really tap into my new healing path. It’s funny how when I look back, there were so many signs guiding me that I just took for granted. I’m now so grateful to have been open to the prospect of what the universe was giving me new perspective on. The whole place is buzzing with ancient energy. Its stone circle is one of the largest in the world and unlike Stonehenge, you can touch the stones and feel their vibrations. It’s very special. It’s also much less busy so if you’re looking to make a weekend of it, then Avebury is a fantastic spot.

We stayed in a very old cottage in a graveyard, joined a Samhain ceremony to welcome in the new season and did a lot of walking. Walking and taking in the landscape within this sacred spot is unforgettable. I found unspeakable clarity in my thoughts, life perspective and left feeling recharged and connected once more. So even if meditation isn’t your thing, simply walking around this beautiful landscape is therapeutic in itself.

Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle

Swap our green and pleasant lands for Native American magic in Joshua Tree, California

I’ve been wanting to go to Joshua Tree for years and last Christmas, I managed to take myself off with my husband on a road trip around California. The energy is very different. It really made me appreciate how lucky I am to live in England, with such ancient deep and sacred energy as part of its make-up all within close proximity of site to site, circle to circle. The US feels comparatively sparse and vast, but still strong in parts - you just have to find the right spots.

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree, California

I was excited to have been recommended The Integratron in Landers, which identifies itself as being a fusion of art, science and magic. I was naturally intrigued and attended one of their infamous sound baths within the man-made structure, which was created - assumed intentionally - on a point that crosses multiple ley lines where the earth’s energy is the strongest. It’s essentially a sound chamber which, due to its architectural construct, creates the optimum sound and vibration. So when the crystal quartz bowls are played, you really do feel it reverberating throughout your body. It’s very popular, with several healing sound baths a day, so if you are planning on taking a trip to California, this is a very ‘Joshua Tree’ thing to experience and enjoy. Just ensure you pre-book!

Explore the ley lines map

There are so many spots around the world that have strong earth energy, so if you want to explore and find your own places to ground, just check the map and away you go. Happy exploring.

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