Both the House of Palms girls are amazing - I had a super soothing and detoxifying reflexology session with Charlotte, who took the time to chat the practice through with me and explain it all, and an amazing massage from Kim. I left feeling like I had a new body! Thanks for making my first experience so comfortable and natural, ladies.
— Ellie, CLIENT
I felt utterly relaxed throughout and after my treatment. I’d been really tired in the weeks leading up to my appointment and after Charlotte worked her magic, I felt completely invigorated and energised again. She’s a miracle worker!
— Jasmine, Reflexology Client

I’ve absolutely loved becoming a client of Kim’s. She totally understands my needs and takes on board everything I say about how my body is feeling and what I want to achieve from the massage. And she is always ready with tips and solutions I can easily slip into my daily routine. I thoroughly recommend - she’s brilliant!
— Ruth, Massage client

Relaxing, insightful, gorgeous! I left feeling like I was glowing
— Sarah, retreat attendee

A nice combination of activities reflecting mind & body. Lots of theory and explanations. I loved the massage - I wanted more!
— Sushma, retreat attendee